Artist Application

Interested in applying for representation of your art work on

Our site specializes in American Art and Craft. If your work is designed and crafted here in the states then we would love to hear from you. Please follow the simple submission guidelines.

1.Artist's interested in having their work reviewed for possible purchase or consignment with should send photographs and a wholesale price list by mail or email to:

Robert Unger
6555 Buckley Drive
Cambria, CA 93428

2. Materials received will be reviewed and considered for future representation on our web site. Applicants will be contacted if we plan on making a purchase of their work. Because of time constraints we do not contact each applicant to explain why we are not interested if that is the case.

3. Brochures and other materials will either be kept for future consideration of disposed of if we do not anticipate a placement in the near future.

4. We encourage artists to submit their work for possible representation and we appreciate your efforts greatly. We must make our choices carefully and base them on many factors. An artist's work may be of the highest quality yet not fit into the mix of products we have presently. The fact that we do not purchase or consign a particular artist's line in no way reflects negatively on their work, it simply could mean that we have too much of a certain media or theme on our web site. We admire the efforts of all artists and craftsmen to have their work represented and welcome their applications.